Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Catch This!

SCHOOL IS DONE! I am now a second grader! But not until September when I go.

Meanwhile, I am having swim lessons again, only now my sister is swimming too. She was scared of the water but today she put her whole head under. I can do that easy now. I can hold my breath for 28 Mississippis.

We had our last normal baseball game AND I CAUGHT AN OUT! It is hard to catch them and only Jack, Keaton and me have made catched outs. The hitter zanged it at the pitcher and he just jumped away. Dad said if you stand in the way you either catch it or it hit you in the guts. Take your pick, he says. So I glombered on it and put my other hand over the glove and it was out!

Here's a picture Mom took. You can't see the ball because it is in my glove. See everyone turned around to see where it went? IN MY GLOVE!


Dad freaked out. It made him really happy. He bought me baseball cards and I got a Manny Ramirez rookie card and a special card with a piece of a real baseball bat in it. Dad said those are probably hard to find. I like baseball cards. Dad has super old ones that don't look neat. They look old. My ones are shiny and cool.

I am learning to use the scanner and more of the art programs on the computer, so I made a baseball card of me.


The letters didn't come out shiny, but this was only my first. I will do another and it will be better.

Guess what, though? Dad said it was the last game but HE WAS WRONG! We are playing in a Tournament against all the other teams. Tonight we played the Rockies and we almost put a skunk on them! It was 20 to ZERO. But then at the almost last inning, they got four runs. We got more too. The score stopped at 26 to 4. WE WON!

I got four hits and knocked in four runs. ALSO I got home every time I batted. So that's 8 points I helped get. I even stole third base and the guy had the ball and tried to hit me with it in his glove, but I flopped down and slid onto the plate.

So we won! That means Friday we fight another team, either the Pirates or the Cubs. If we beat them, we play another team, and if we beat them we WIN the Series for the whole town.

I am happy because Papa and Grandma came from New Hampshire and they got to see the game. Papa still has a broken up shoulder but he clapped for me by hitting his leg with his other hand. And he yells louder than Dad. When I stole third base, he got so excited, he yelled a swear word!

If we win on Friday, I will do another baseball card of me. Only now I will use a different picture. Which should I use?

This one?


Or this one?


You tell me and I will do that one.


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